We care about Getting the Lead Out of Oakland and Sharing How We Do It

Our Get the Lead Out Data Utility Pilot enables us to Win the War on Lead Poisoning by scanning Oakland's housing for children under 7 residing in pre-1978 units who may be at imminent risk of lead poisoning. Our precise, actionable, intelligence is available to life-saving health agencies, tenants, building inspectors, attorneys, and landlords who can act to prevent childhood lead poisoning from ever happening and save kids from lifetime disability and premature death.


The GTLO Pilot with Alameda County Healthy Homes Lead Poisoning Prevention Program will support full life cycle lead abatement services for public outreach and education, fund matching for qualified landlords, abatement cost and project management, scientific scanning and verification of lead-free units made available to the public, and live status reports for city leaders, grant administrators, investors, philanthropic foundations and the public.