funding for lead location data gathering activities to populate data dashboards

1. Individuals can help by volunteering to help gather information about lead poisoning locations and by financially contributing to help pay for home lead test kits.

2. Local Businesses can help by making a financial contribution and promoting our CrowdLead campaign on their social media, and by holding fundraisers where SmartOakland receives 10-20% of the proceeds for the day

3. Corporations can help by sponsoring our campaign entirely, matching our donations, promoting our campaign on social media, providing media and press coverage, and by volunteering teams to help with crowd-scanning data capture events.

smartoakland with 3 full time employees

  • Executive Director
  • Program Director
  • Community Engagement Developer

funding to pay contractors for non-staff tasks

  • Consultants on various subject matter
  • Consultants on community engagement
  • User Experience Designers for family data dashboards
  • Consultants to translate service offerings into five additional languages


    organizational sponsor convening space for micro-pilot activities

    These spaces should exist within the immediate Oakland micro-communities being served and at centrally located venues near Downtown Oakland:

    • schools
    • parks
    • places of worship
    • businesses
    • non-profits
    • community centers
    • community gardens
    • co-working spaces
    • workforce development training centers