SmartOakland Can Now Detect Housing Units Where Children are At Real-Time Risk for Lead Poisoning

We've been working on this solution non-stop and are excited to announce our data models and algorithms can now identify where current children are living in housing units with a high probability of exposure to lead poisoning.

Our mission is not the status quo of learning each day of 1-4 net new childhood lead poisoning in Oakland and trying to track them back to a poison housing unit where they sustained permanent brain damage and may now die prematurely from a heart attack or cancer.

We will screen the entire city and every Zip Code to predict and confirm where children are living and the level of risk they currently carry based on where they live.

By screening every Zip Code for kids who are at risk first, we can then prioritize funding abatement projects in these locations first to stop poisoning new kids.

Then we can address phased remediation of entire Zip Codes and end up with green, lead-free, housing units that are safe for people to live in.

This seems so obvious and simple, probably, as you're reading it, but this is not how things work today. We have plenty of work to do and we rely on you funding that work to build a safer, healthier, housing environment for all Oaklanders.

Please support us by funding our work described here.

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