SmartOakland Healthy Homes Dashboards for Space Time Insight in Collab with help of Civic Design Lab

We've been working with Alameda County Healthy Homes Lead Poisoning Prevention Program leaders to understand the risk factors associated with older housing.

The big picture is fairly simple:

  • When you build a house you use products available at the time
  • Years go by and like all things the house gets old and things start to break down
  • A house is a sum of a bunch of different parts and all of them get old and break down at different times and speeds and for different reasons
  • None of these points will change until people come up with truly sustainable housing material and automated system options and they are on the market today, but are not in the majority of houses already in existence throughout Oakland

80% of Oakland's housing stock was built before 1978.

Here's a video showing the solution SmartOakland has created to help people understand the scale of the housing issue in Oakland and what we can learn from the past to help navigate the present and future as we make critical decisions about what to do about this situation:

Things just break down and you have to fix them - these are the facts.

If properties aren't maintained they get worse and become hazardous, and in some cases death traps, for tenants and we need to fix this before more life threatening situations expand into Oakland housing stock.

  • Plumbing gets old and is sometimes made of materials that make people sick or poison them.
  • Paint produced before 1978 has lead in it which is a heavy metal neurotoxin that causes brain damage and premature death. Lead paint was used in most all housing built before 1978 and you need to get it out of your house or contain it so it doesn't spread and poison people.
  • Weather breaks down paint on the outside of housing faster than inside and it falls on the ground, gets walked into the dirt and soil, spreads in the air, and is absorbed by garden vegetables and animals.