Get the Lead Out of Tap Water in Kids Schools - CalPIRG & Color of Change Petitions

Yes, there is lead in the drinking water in Oakland Unified School District.

The Get the Lead Out Coalition of Oakland has been pushing for immediate action to fix this emergency and it's taken longer than any of us wanted it to, and it is not resolved, but we were able to successfully negotiate a policy change, for which OUSD will need to come up with a plan, for them to take taps offline as soon as lead at 5 parts per billion (ppb) are found in drinking water and to alert parents of the exposure.

They are working on ways to figure out what to do next but no one in the OUSD is an expert in lead remediation or water that is tainted and accessed by children in more than 86 public school locations throughout Oakland.

The Oakland GTLO could use help from more concerned community leaders, community organizers, and business leaders to help us communicate with the people in a position to affect change that immediate action is needed to stop further exposure to lead from school drinking water.

Here's a petition one of our Oakland GTLO members put out for people to sign in show of support. Please sign it and share it with your friends and neighbors to get the word out and keep the pressure on:

Your involvement helps!

Color of Change continued managing this campaign after our CalPIRG leader moved into another role and we kept the progress moving. congrats they passed the 5ppb h2o Oak.png

Those lead surveys in English and in Spanish are here on please fill them out to let us know what you know so we can triangulate on what needs to be done to end lead poisoning in Oakland.