fund smartoakland's staff & operations

SmartOakland requires ongoing financial support to pay staff, acquire data, develop data insight boards, hold meetings in office space, conduct requirements gathering workshops with community members, perform educational outreach, create and deliver Public Service Announcement, market data services, and develop ways to deliver our Public Data Utility insight to everyone who needs and wants it.

Staff per yr

SmartOakland has been self-funded along with about $4500 raised on a crowd funding activity last fall.  We have dedicated full time work for about a year now and feel comfortable that our value is being proven and so we need to start paying team members for their contributions.

We'll always look for and greatly appreciate volunteers though we cannot base core operations on the availability of volunteers at this point. We are looking into training programs that will teach us how to effectively recruit and train up scalable volunteer networks - more about this soon.

For now, we need funding to pay people to keep driving SmartOakland forward in service of Oaklanders. Please help with as much as you can.

  • Executive Director: $100K
  • Program Manager: $50-75K
  • Data Scientists: $50-75K
  • Developers: $50-75K
  • Community Manager: $40-75K
  • Grant Writer: $40-60K
Fund SmartOakland Staff and Contractors


  • Internal Operations technologies run about $500 month
  • Public Data Utility infrastructure cost will go up with more users and we'll need ongoing support for this - we are raising money for customer data under the Zip Code Projects
Fund Internal Tech Operations


  • We aim for Public Data that does not require fees for access but in the case of Alameda County critical data required for public safety has a price tag of $22,000 even for non-profits working to provide public health for children. We need someone to pay this amount for us to fund our Healthy Housing Program for Oaklanders
  • Proprietary and commercial data is required and we are asking for contributions to Zip Code Projects to support work on these tailored data dashboards.
Fund Data for Oakland Utility


  • We need help with just about every aspect related to engaging constituents in an urban environment and because the spectrum is broad we will not price out each of these activities and leave it to you to offer support where you can off it and we'll start there.
  • We need:
    • marketing
    • social media support
    • event planning
    • promotions
    • community outreach
    • internal training for volunteer management
    • partnership and alliance development
    • coalition building and relationship development
    • advocacy at Oakland locations where important decisions are being made and we need to ensure constituent voices are being hear whether or not they can make meetings in person
    • government relations to ensure our collaboration with public servants grows and we find more ways to extend and strengthen relationships between government and constituents

office space

We need a space to convene, hold meetings, brainstorm and whiteboard, interview Community members, and hold open sessions with constituents to determine the types of data they want to see for their neighborhoods.

We'd like office space somewhere Downtown near a BART station but if there is office space that is easily accessible at another location we're happy to look into it too.

We can share space, but would like quiet rooms and conference rooms where we can conduct meetings in relative quiet.

We're estimating rent cost of $2500-3000 month plus utilities and that assumes our landlords will take into account we are a non-profit organization.

Fund Our Office Space

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