SmartOakland Office Space

SmartOakland Office Space


We're looking at relatively cheap office space somewhere Downtown, near BART, where we can meet with community members and do white boarding sessions, web sessions, and occasional training sessions. We will need Wifi and the building should provide secure entry and exits.  We really want to have a space that is available 7 days a week as most of us work all times of day and night, and definitely on the weekends.

We're thinking if someone can give us a non-profit discount we might be able to get rent down to $2,000 month - it's a crazy request, we know, but we're hoping someone can help us find somewhat affordable rent for SmartOakland.

We're also happy to share office space if you have extra rooms you're not using.

The $24,000 does not include utilities, supplies, parking, etc. - just the office space.

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