Business Requirements Gathering

We come to your neighborhood to listen and learn from you and understand challenges and opportunities you see for yourself and your community. We gather information about what is happening today so we can co-design technology solutions with you to meet your immediate and future needs.

Co-design Technology Solutions

Once we've received your business requirements, during a listening session or in-person workshops, we brainstorm some answers and technology solutions that can work out for you and your neighborhood.  We meet with you to walk through it until we design the right answer with you.

Governance & Maintenance

While we develop the technology solutions we've co-designed with you, we work closely with people who will use your technology solution to understand how to govern the data you will gather, how to distribute the data for your best benefit, and how you will maintain the system to keep it running smoothly.

Sustainable Funding Models

To ensure your technology solution remains healthy, and can continue to grow to meet your needs we will focus on the many ways you can ensure your technology can make more money for you and for its own upkeep and maintenance along with strategies for ongoing financial support.