Resilient Oakland Coloring Book Illustrates 110 Years of Oakland's Past, Present & Future

Stephanie Hayden, CEO, Vision Architecture, created a Resilient Oakland Coloring Book to pair with the Resilient Oakland Strategic Playbook released in October 2016.

Here's a link to the coloring book on the City of Oakland's website made available free of charge for anyone who'd like to pull down a copy to read about the history of resilience in Oakland and color with friends as you dream up ideas for the future.

Vision Architecture was named in the Resilient Oakland Strategic Playbook as the lead on engaging youth in shaping the future of Oakland and we had an amazing experience working on this project and are happy to give it as a gift to the city and constituents of all ages.

Two of the co-authors of the book were 3rd grade girls at the time who were the creative genius behind the Smart Park environment they designed to build in their neighborhood in Fruitvale.

Two months after the release of the coloring book we learned, via a Reuters news report, that Fruitvale had lead poisoning 4xs worse than Flint, MI.  This is where these girls and so many other of their friends and families live, go to school, church, work and play.

Our work on the lead poisoning crisis is dedicated to 3rd grade girls who think about family safety, sharing, and creativity every day to solve issues in our communities.

Help us win the war on lead in Fruitvale by using data to locate at-risk kids and families who can avoid being poisoned if they learn about the risk soon enough to avoid it and use resources at hand to fix the situation.

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