City of Oakland Requests Assistance from Vision Architecture for Resilient Oakland to Engage Youth in Shaping the Future of Oakland

We had just finished working on brainstorming and proposal activities in response to the Federal DOT Smart City Challenge with a group of volunteers from all over the East Bay who quickly came together to come up with our vision of what the Future of Oakland would be like if we designed a sustainable, inclusive, transportation environment and we had such a great time we wanted to continue collaborating on more projects.

That's when the Resilient Oakland Strategic Playbook design initiative kicked off and a new Chief Resilience Office began working with city department leaders, community leaders, and many companies - maybe 100 in total - to come up with a strategic plan to create resilience in every community in Oakland to be more prepared for shocks and daily challenges we may face in the future.

Stephanie's for-profit management consulting firm, Vision Architecture, was asked to take part in the plan by potentially engaging youth in a storytelling process in order to help socialize the playbook ideas and plans throughout the community.

Here's the Resilient Oakland Strategic Playbook launched on Oct. 10, 2016 and you should read it if you haven't it's quite a huge body of work and planning and it has so many great ideas and plans for the future of Oakland.

Rockefeller Foundation's 100 Resilient Cities Challenge - Resilient Oakland Program Playbook

Rockefeller Foundation's 100 Resilient Cities Challenge - Resilient Oakland Program Playbook

Vision Architecture created a Resilient Oakland Coloring Book to go with this playbook which was distributed during the launch and at following ceremonies and is also available no-fee on the City of Oakland website.  It is a combination of stories over 110 years featuring the history of Oakland's diversity and the opportunity we have to create inclusive, vibrant, communities together.

One of the number sections in the Resilient Oakland Playbook that names Vision Architecture as a lead on engaging Oakland youth in arts and storytelling to become the architects of their own future

It was this work that deeply connected us with Fruitvale and the 3 grade girls there who were the stars of the coloring book we created for the city.  These girls, and so many others, live at ground zero for the lead poisoning crisis that was announced two months later in Fruitvale.

Our work with the community has grown a lot since then.

Oakland was one of three Bay Area cities to join the 100 Resilient Cities Challenge and we look forward to growing our connections with San Francisco and Berkeley Resilient City teams.