Resilient Oakland Coloring Book of 2016 Predicts Arrival of SmartOakland in 2017

We started imagining and illustrating stories what life should be like and could be like in the near future if Oaklanders came together and shared purpose and resources.  As it turns out, the Resilient Oakland Coloring Book seeded the roadmap and mission of SmartOakland our non-profit service bureau.

Oakland's Past (1940s-1999)

World War II sees thousands of African Americans migrate from the South to the Bay Area to work on war efforts joining large infrastructure projects

Oakland's Present (2000s-2016)

Oakland constituents from health, business, public services, non-profits, education and sustainability assemble to share resources, engage youth, and join in designing and developing Smart and Connected City plans and solutions to build together to stay rooted in Oakland.


Oakland's Future (2017+)

Oakland's future has been co-designed, and developed, by all ages of constituents, all backgrounds, and Oakland has become a model city for the types of solutions Smart Cities should provide to constituents and how sustainable engagement platforms and new business and revenue models have transformed the city.