Red dots are housing units that need to be tested


Red dots are housing units where lead-safe status is unknown and property needs to be checked for lead paint poison. We created these interactive data maps to allow as many people as possible to learn of their personal risk via the Internet, friends, neighbors, elected officials, schools, churches and businesses because wide-spread awareness will get everyone on the same page so we can fix this.

We also need to pass healthy homes safety policies, get funding to fix lead hazards, create workforce development programs for all these renovation jobs, and to recruit community members and leaders to run Get the Lead Out activities in every district.  Your funding these maps is what kicks off awareness and creation of Oakland healthy housing districts.

10 CA Cities & Counties (140 cities total) where lawsuit settlement funds were won for pre1951 housing

40 Bay Area cities and 4 counties where pre1951 funds may be applied to remediate lead in housing

Many Oakland communities and Zip Codes with pre1978 housing that need to be checked for lead paint

Maps that show you which houses are pre1978 that need to be checked in your neighborhood

You can use these maps with your neighborhood councils to figure out how you want to address the risk

You can receive updates when houses go from red to green status

You can pull the maps up on your phone to get directions to that location

You can pull up a house and use Google Street View to check for peeling paint from your phone

You can get an idea of the surroundings of a home and prepare for performing work if necessary

You can use Google Driving directions to find multiple transportation options

You can choose to sort houses by age when incentive programs match the age of housing units

You can choose to only view lead-safe certified homes when you're looking for a new place to live