We Champion Policy with Teeth and Regulation at the California State Level

We're fairly new to the policy game as our background is in creating and delivery real solutions as the implementation portion of vision where we also do most of our work.

We also understand we can help policy regulation with our work. This is why we've decided to get involved and be a part of the legal process to understand how laws are created and who makes them.  And what to do when the laws that were created in the past are not being enforced or if the laws in place were created to benefit specific groups.

California State Capitol

California State Capitol

We've learned a lot and are now becoming more involved in voicing our concerns and making our perspectives heard and invite you to do the same. We'll share with you what we learn, here.

We invite you to learn what we do and maybe make some trips up to Sacramento with us next time we go for a public hearing on lead poisoning and I imagine we'll be discussing the housing crisis and safety overall as these issues are connected.