It's like GPS for space time continuum...

SmartOakland aim to listen to people and data to understand the past, use smart technologies to understand more about the real-time context of the present, and use new data insights to make informed decisions to create the futures we imagine for ourselves and our communities.


We engage with Oaklanders to listen to their stories about life in their micro-communities, what they really need to address challenges and opportunities at hand, and what they want to change about their situations to improve elements of health, sustainability, education, public services, non-profits, businesses and socioeconomic independence in their communities.

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Once we put technologies in place to monitor things like lead poison zones, lead free zones, air quality, traffic patterns, crime, public works, businesses, education, emergency services and information everyone will benefit from, our ability to make informed decisions about our own futures and the futures of our families becomes a truly connected and smart city.

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When we've thought about what it will take to create the futures we imagine they become easier to reach. Everything we co-design factors in social equity, early education, STEAM programs, workforce development, economic development, environmental justice, restorative justice and the ability for individuals and micro-communities to support themselves with what they know.