there are powerful interests who do not support regulations that protect people from lead poisoning

There are a lot of groups who do not want anything to change about the way lead poisoning occurs today. It happens more frequently in communities of color and those described as low income.  It happens in communities where people may have multiple jobs to support their families. It happens in communities where landlords do not maintain their properties and cause public health hazards for their tenants but charge them rent for unsafe housing. It also happens to people who may not call the police for protection from harassment, retaliation, and threats to their families members. It's time to call this what it is. 

This is a moral issue
if you are against protecting kids who's side are you on?

If you are against lead poison control and regulations that protect children from elective, permanent, disability you are benefiting from things staying the way they're described here. Here are some interesting articles from groups who say lead poisoning is not an issue: