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SmartOakland Strategic Planning to Crowd Source Housing Inspections to Reduce Water & Paint Hazards in 2018

Dec. 16, 2017
Fruitvale Station - by Fruitvale BART Station
Unity Council Senior Center
3301 E. 12th Street, Suite 201
Oakland, CA 94601

the entrance is at the corner of 34th and East 12th Street on the 2nd floor inside the Unity Center building

Note Name & Location change, from, "Unveiling 2017’s Co-created Bay Area Metropolis" at Oakland City Hall "SmartOakland Strategic Planning to Crowd Source Housing Inspections to Reduce Water & Paint Hazards in 2018"

It's a Packed Agenda for Strategic Planning!

Set the Stage, Plans, Purpose, Volunteers, and Goals for 2018 SmartOakland Collaborative

SmartOakland Member Lightning Presentations for 2018 Strategic Planning Considerations What’s the plan for 2018 and what should we factor in while co-creating our strategies?

(1 hr, 5-7 min sprints, 1 min QA)

+ Vision for SmartOakland 2018

o Stephanie Hayden, Co-founder SmartOakland & CEO, Vision Architecture with Michael Ford, Co-founder SmartOakland & Mobility Program Manager for City of Oakland Department of Transportation

+ Vision for a Lead-free Alameda County w/ Challenges & Opportunities

o Larry Brooks, Director, Alameda County Healthy Homes Lead Poisoning Prevention Program, GTLO Coalition Member, SmartOakland Blog Contributor

+ Vision for Lead-free Drinking Water in Oakland Schools w/ Challenges & Opportunities
o Jason Pfeifle, Public Health Advocate, CalPIRG, GTLO Coalition Member

+ How to Disrupt Status Quo Gridlock for Lead Abatement Using the Internet
o Blair Matsuura, Digital Services Engagement, 3Q Digital, SmartOakland, GTLO Coalition Member

+ How to Communicate & Engage Oaklanders to Crowd Source Lead Inspections
o Oliver Wesson III, CA Automobile Association Telematics Division – Smart Cars/Transportation & Customer Journey Mapping, GTLO Coalition Member

+ How to Operationalize Data for Rapid Decision-Making within Teams - Hurricane Use Case
o Tim Miller, Air Traffic Controller, US Air Force, SmartOakland, GTLO Coalition Member

+ How to Crowd Source Lead Hazard Housing Data for GTLO to End Lead Poisoning
o Stephanie Hayden, SmartOakland, Vision Architecture, GTLO Coalition Member

+ How to Report & See Live Lead Poison Threats Using Data Analysis and Visualization
o Jonah Johnson, Business Intelligence Delivery, Bank of the West, SmartOakland, GTLO Coalition

11:00am -11:45
SmartOakland CrowdLead Strategic Planning Breakouts

Break into Groups to discuss panel topics, capture notes, and share findings back with the group Audience Feedback, Ideation, & SmartOakland’s GTLO Roadmap with Implementation Goals

(45 min)

• What have you learned in your prior experiences that could help GTLO Coalition beat lead poisoning by 2020?
• Which community leaders, influencers, and non-profits should we invite to join GTLO?
• How do you think we should reach out and engage the 145 micro-communities in Oakland and what will success look like?
• What types of community training should we do for various groups?
• Who will become our advocates, partners, opponents and influencers?
• Where should we be hosting GTLO Coalition membership for monthly Meetups?
• How do you feel about SO Meetups online in addition to in-person locations?
• Which funding sources exist to empower GTLO?
• What else do we want to talk about and figure out for 2018?

11:45am -12:00pm
Next Steps for Teams to Champion Work Streams & Volunteer Needs for 2018
Calls to Action & Requests for Volunteers to Champion Work Streams and Requests for Support

(15 min)

+ Meetings, Operations, Space
+ Document GTLO Events
+ Data Capture, Analysis & Visualizations
+ Urban and Smart City Planners
+ Training & Outreach