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Using Data to End Oakland's Lead Poisoning Crisis Meeting @Fruitvale Station Unity Council

  • Fruitvale Station - Unity Council Senior Center 3301 East 12th Street, 2nd Floor Oakland, CA 94601 USA (map)

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Using Data to End Oakland's Lead Poisoning Crisis

SmartOakland's Get the Lead Out Coalition to End Lead Poisoning in Oakland, CA

Season 2: Episode 11

Facilitator & Panelists: Stephanie Hayden, Larry Brooks, Blair Matsuura, and Alex J. Bledsoe

We have a cross-functional group presenting perspectives, questions, solutions, and strategies to Get the Lead Out of Oakland, CA starting with Fruitvale Station.

+ Stephanie Hayden, CEO Vision Architecture, Inc., Co-founder, SmartOakland will kick off the morning with new developments in technology and data we'll use to help end lead poisoning in Oakland.

Stephanie and Blair Matsuura, SmartOakland member, will begin by explaining, "CrowdLead", an open data, crowdsource effort to recruit volunteers to help reach out to their friends, families, church groups, community leaders, and activists to explain the serious nature of risk of lead poisoning and to do at home lead tests to see if lead is inside their homes and submit their results to

We will then respond to requests by connecting them with existing support services, and with their permission, we will post their results online to bring transparency to the scale of need for immediate response to lead poisoning situations in Oakland. No single person or specific address will be made available to the public. This is only a high-level view of the 2-4 block radius where a positive lead test has been reported.

Stephanie will then provide a quick demo of her Smart City Solution, "Get the Lead Out", which illustrates how this data can lead to follow on services from the CrowdLead volunteer data mapping project to help Tenants, Service Providers, Landlords, and Oversight Committees bring open poison cases to a close.  Questions and answers to follow.

+ Larry Brooks, Director, Alameda County Healthy Homes Lead Poisoning Prevention Division will follow with history and progression of the Healthy Homes & Lead Prevention program here in Alameda County and what he wants us all to do to help him expand his work getting more kids tested for lead poisoning and to pass Oakland's Proactive Rental Inspection Program to start controlling building safety and inspections for all housing in Alameda County.

+ Alex J. Bledsoe, Filmmaker, Writer, and Creator of, "Oaklead", a documentary on the legacy of lead poisoning in Oakland, CA will follow with storytelling and what she's working to do to get the word out to bring media and resources to help us close these issues for Oaklanders.  Alex helps people tell their stories and be heard and she's looking for individuals who are willing to share their story with her/us so we can bring resource to fix these issues with the community.


Stephanie Hayden's, SmartOakland, CrowdLead volunteer lead data dashboard project shows current lead poison and lead-free locations on an open data map so people can see what is going right now, vs. what data exists from many years ago.  We need instant information in order to intervene and stop people from ever being lead poisoned in the first place. That real-time insight always begins with many tiny dots on one map.

Stephanie Hayden's Get the Lead Out Smart City Solution tracks all lead data for tenants, case workers, service providers, landlords, and oversight committees so everyone can work together to get the lead out of tenant dwellings and keep Oaklanders safe in their homes.


+ Alex J. Bledsoe, Filmmaker, Writer, and Creator of, "Oaklead", a documentary on the legacy of lead poisoning in Oakland, CA


The Unity Council Senior Center is located at 3301 East 12th Street, which is a very large building. The Fruitvale BART Station is directly behind the Senior Center so take BART if you can. If you want to drive and park there is street parking, BART parking, and a parking lot on 36th Street nearby.

The entrance is not on the Fruitvale Avenue side of the building but on the opposite side by the Fruitvale Village courtyard mall areas.

Call SmartOakland if you have trouble finding it. We will close the doors at 10:15am so please arrive by 9:45-10:00 to make sure we can let you in the door!

SmartOakland: 510-833-6591

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