Mission & Action

SmartOakland represents shared purpose from constituents, people in public services, health, education, non-profits, businesses, resilience, and sustainability to employ the grit Oaklanders are known for to find solutions for what people need to enjoy a better quality of life and business in our city.

Oakland's roots are deep and wide; its present energy owed to its history. Everything we do begins with listening and learning from our past, understanding and seeing exactly what's happening in the present, and making strategic, informed, decisions about the futures we'll create for ourselves and our families.

As technology continues to divide many cities and their constituents, SmartOakland grows stronger through inclusion, diverse perspectives, constituent owned data, new business and revenue models, and sustainable economies built by empowered micro-communities.

We champion for inclusive, healthy, safe spaces both digital and physical. No one group should have greater access. In our view, solutions should be systemic and sustainable. Our active participation in creating smarter, more resilient cities, is investing in a more just and equitable future.