Smart City Living Data Labs District 2 Oakland

This map includes 500 housing units, chosen randomly, in Oakland’s voting district 2 where the units were built between 1900-1978.

  • Orange dots indicate housing where the status of lead paint poison safety is unknown. This means the house may have gone through lead abatement but we are not aware that is has because there is no readily available public record. Metropolitan Intelligence has invested financially in getting this data, which is Not Open Data, to create a baseline for housing and current occupancy information upon which more insight will be added. MI does not charge for Public, or “Open Data”. If Open Data is added for context to MI data it is done so for convenience for the people request it.

  • Green dots indicate housing units where there is a public record of lead-safe certified status on file, which in this case was attained by SmartOakland through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request process. The housing units that have undergone a lead mitigation activity over the last 5 years are added to the MI housing data maps for context show where lead-safe housing is and to avoid any effort of time and money being used to do outreach or test houses again that are already considered lead-safe. To reiterate, MI is not charging for Open Data used here, it is included to save time and money for anyone interested in lead abatement for housing so they do not duplicate efforts.

  • Blue dots indicate Oakland Public Schools. We included schools for context so parents who check to see if their houses are in orange status do not forget their kids also spend time in other locations that may be orange even if their house is not. This is so people understand the importance of considering the environmental impact beyond their own homes because a lot of lead paint homes affect all of us as the poison from the paint peels off the outside of housing to mix in with our soil, dust, air, and water. We need to Get the Lead Out of Oakland everywhere.