Join our crowd-source data collection initiative to show how many housing units in Oakland contain lead poisoning to raise awareness of the scale of the current situation and to consolidate information about what to do if you find lead poisoning in your home.  

How it works

The goal is to create a current, public-facing, data visualization map that represents housing units testing positive or negative for lead poisoning.  Red represents a positive test and green represents a negative test.

Here are 3 options test your home and join our current lead data location finder initiative!

  1. Go to a hardware store to buy a 3M home lead test pen test, take it home, do the test and submit your results to us here

    • Markus ACE Hardware in Jack London Square at 625 3rd Street, Oakland, CA 94607 is providing a generous discount on the 2 and 8-pack kits for Oaklanders so give them the code "SMARTOAKLAND", and they'll give you a discount! Thank you for supporting Oaklanders, Markus family!
  2. Ask us to send you a test in the US mail, do the test, and register your results online

  3. Request a test be sent to you in the US mail, do the test, and return it using a pre-paid envelop via US mail

We WILL NOT post your actual home address but will identify your results with a red or green dot that covers a four to eight block radius around where you ran the test. 

This way SmartOakland will be able to contact you directly to discuss follow up options, that may include coming to your unit to do an XRAY scan to capture electronic test results that can be used in official proceedings, to help get you connected with resources available to help remediate issues with you.

Request a pen test be sent to you in the mail

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Blair Matsuura, of SmartOakland, provides a fantastic explainer video so you can learn how to buy a 3M Home Lead Test and Do It Yourself (DIY) to see if the walls in or outside your home contain lead poisoning.