Smartoakland is a data-driven non-profit formed in July 2017

SmartOakland is a smart city coalition of volunteers sharing expertise, data, and technology to address issues that impact Oaklanders. We represent health, business, education, non-profits, sustainability, public service, and we collaborate to understand issues and build data-driven constituent services.

Lead poisoning is a serious, current, threat to our communities so we formed a Get the Lead Out Coalition of concerned Oaklanders and advocates to end lead poisoning in Oakland. SmartOakland's mission is to bring technology and data together in a Citizen Data Science project called, "CrowdLead", currently focused on lead poisoning and expanding to include asthma and other healthy home, school, and communities. Please fill out the survey below to share your lead blood testing and/or lead poisoning stories with SmartOakland, Oakland Get the Lead Out, and CA Get the Lead Out Coalitions so we can inform the public of current health threats in specific areas, can help connect you with resources for lead poisoning treatment and lead abatement resources, and inform policy to expand protection for children, and all people, from lead poisoning in California.


This is one of many great data visualization maps our GTLO coalition are building to offer transparency and help inform the public of the current status of lead threats in Oakland water and housing as we all work together to find solutions and keep people safe while we transition, as a modern society, to lead-safe environments.  The lead in water issue is very serious, but, it is a representation of a national issue of old, failing, infrastructure - meaning, pipes, buildings, and systems buried underground break down over time. These are problems that will not go away and only get worse over time. We do not intend to point fingers because no single entity caused this situation and many decisions were made over 100 years ago without the insight we have today. So, our aim and invitation for you to join us is solely, to inform, collaborate, co-create solutions, acquire sustainable funding and maintenance solutions and get to fixing the problems asap because every second counts when your child is drinking lead poisoned water. We are looking ro commitment and financial partnerships with private, public, and non-profit sectors.

This is a modern society issue, not one that should be fought by a few families. Our city's youth and potential genius are at risk today. Join SmartOakland today and learn about our 2018 100 Healthy Homes & Schools Pilot at our monthly Meetups every 3rd Thursday night at the City of Oakland Civic Design Lab at 1 Frank Ogawa Plaza, 9th Floor.