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  • August - website is launched with a Get the Lead Out crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for SmartOakland's flagship Smart City program using a combination of the Internet of Things, Xray spectroscopy, fog computing, cloud computing, data analytics, and machine learning to end lead poisoning & begin seeding community regeneration with workforce development training for these technologies in micro-communities.
  • July - Ramy Kim jumps in and begins ramping up to run SmartOakland, recruit and organize presenters, and continue working on the solutions around lead poisoning detection through Jul. 22: Civic Hacking, Data for Community Engagement, Data for Advocacy & Change. SmartOakland Articles of Incorporation are registered with State of CA, website and crowd funding campaign are launched Aug. 4, 2017.
  • June - Stephanie joins her colleague, William Tewelow of Smart Cities Group, in Washington D.C. to present the evolution of SmartOakland as an organization and the Smart City IOT lead poisoning detection through abatement solution she has co-designed with Ramy Kim, Kilton Hopkins, and Linda Drabik. She presents the lead poisoning intervention solution following presentations from Mihn Le of 22 Capital Partners, LLC, Venture Smarter, and Cogent Law Group. Stephanie, Michael, Ramy and Ben Gould then discuss Metropolis: Jun. 17: Sustainability, EcoBlocks, Circular & Sharing Economies, at Oakland City Hall to consider how including smaller groups of dedicated resources and sharing them between each other is a method that can be beneficial for older and younger generations living in cities.  Michael and Stephanie ask Ramy to accept the position of Executive Director of the newly formed SmartOakland non-profit, and she accepts.
  • April - Stephanie, Michael, Michael's 11-year old daughter, Sanam, and other members, including Ramy Kim, present concepts around Blockchain, human trust networks, and the value of autonomous financial systems for facilitating Smart City transactions at Metropolis: Apr. 21: Distributed Trust Networks Blockchain, DAO, Smart Contracts. Stephanie attends a Tech Equity Week Meetup event where Ramy Kim is presenting her program of focus for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion within the OpenOakland, Code for America Brigade. Afterwards Ramy & Stephanie pick the lead poisoning solution conversation back up and Ramy shares she may know what the missing piece for the solution may be. They get together to compare notes and call Kilton Hopkins, of IOTRACKS, and Linda Drabik, of the SF & NY IOT Alliance, to ask if what they're describing is in fact possible.
  • March - Stephanie and Michael merge March's Metropolis: Mar. 25: Let's Join OpenOakland's City Camp March 25! with OpenOakland's City Camp to pitch the idea that we should create an official organization that works on local Oakland challenges and brings mutli-functional and industry strengths and resources together to fix hyper-local issues in a collective format.  They invite the audience to join them in a workshop to co-create the beginning of a solution to this question: "Should zip code determine life expectancy?"  The context is a recent news article about high levels of lead poisoning found in the Fruitvale neighborhood of Oakland. The workshop is standing room only and people really step up and show interest and intention to find a way to fix this problem for Oaklanders and other cities.  Ramy Kim, attends this workshop.
  • February - Metropolis: Feb. 24: Resilient Oakland, Art/Storytelling, Civic Design Lab , Kiran Jain, City of Oakland Chief Resilience Officer joins Michael and Stephanie to present a first use case of an eco-block initiative being planned for a small neighborhood in Oakland and shares more about her vision of the City of Oakland's Civic Design Lab offerings
  • January - Stephanie kicks off January 2017 with a youth workshop at the Institute for Sustainable, Economic, Educational, and Environment Design (iSeeed) in Downtown Oakland, to co-create large murals with kids from Fruitvale as a follow up storytelling event to the Resilient Oakland Coloring Book called, "Become the Architects of Your Own Future & Future Cities! "


  • November - Stephanie Hayden leads an all-woman panel in the City of Chicago's IOT Emerge & Smart City conference and learns about the Array of Things project and SmartChicago and thinks about how to bring the AoT to Oakland
  • October - Resilient Oakland Launch - Pls Join Oaklean Smart City Meetup - Thurs. Oct. 20 , Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, Chief Resilience Officer Kiran Jain, and CEO of Rockefeller Foundation's 100 Resilient Cities Initiative, Michael Berkowitz launch the Resilient Oakland Strategic Playbook and Resilient Oakland Coloring Book at the Lake Merritt Boat House, then leave for Habitat III, the United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development in Quito, Ecuador to share these projects with world leaders and learn from others. Vision Architecture is named as a city partner to implement youth engagement initiatives to engage youth in shaping the future of Oakland through arts & storytelling.
  • August - Sneak Preview: Resilient Connections & Smart Cities: Resilient Oakland Strategy , Stephanie shares previews of the Resilient Oakland Coloring Book with attendees at the 3rd Friday night Meetup to gain constituent feedback for the stories and widely variant views are shared on the rationale and strategy behind any type of resilience planning for cities
  • June - This 3rd Friday night was titled and featured Gopi Mattel speaking about his experience months earlier being caught in the flooding in the city of Chennai, India and how quickly things can change when the power grid goes down and your city fills with water: Episode 3: Rising Sea Level Resiliency, Smart City Hall Transparency Stephanie and Kiran dig into the Resilience Oakland storytelling project and agree to make it a coloring book to share with five generations of Oaklanders living and working together and spreading over story vignettes of the past, present, and future of resilience for Oakland
  • May - Michael and Stephanie continued the third Friday night series with: Smart City Oakland: Autonomous Vehicles, Smart Parking, & Sustainability , Stephanie is introduced to Kiran Jain, the new Chief Resilience Officer at the City of Oakland as she embarks upon creating the Resilient Oakland Strategic Playbook and storytelling for the programs overall and they begin working together to weave stories of resilience together to illustrate the strength of Oaklanders
  • April - Stephanie Hayden starts a Meetup Series to convene around Smart City topics in Oakland and the group accepts Michael Ford's offer to host the Meetups at Oakland City Hall. The first meetup is: Vision Architecture: "Sustainable Disruption for Smart Cities" Smart Oakland
  • February-March - becomes a beehive of ideas, contributions, stories, and plans for Oaklanders working to assemble a 30-year timeline of what the city of Oakland would look like in the future if we all starting building solutions together that were smart and equitable for all people living in our city.  The "We" who assembled didn't want to stop convening so we thought about the potential of continuing the brainstorming, at Oakland City Hall, to see what might come of these great ideas and momentum. Michael begins blogging more about these ideas, at The Future of Smart, and how we were embarking on a new journey to build something from this human purpose and intention to co-create and connect ideas with action in cities.
  • January - Federal Department of Transportation posts a call for action and response to a Smart City Challenge posed to mid-sized cities around the United States to submit their ideas of their Smart City. Michael Ford of the City of Oakland is tasked to run what will be called the "Smart Oakland" initiative.  He starts a public-facing blog called and invites universities, Oakland constituents, business owners and interested parties to join in a crowd-sourced response and Stephanie Hayden, of Vision Architecture, joins the group.