Melrose High Hopes NCPC 27x Kicks Off Get the Lead Out Program in East Oakland/The Hills D4

We spent time this weekend with friends and community members with a few elected officials and some running for office to talk about ramping up pilot activity in D4.

We've spoken with leaders about the pilot over the last few months, so GTLO was not new, but we did have a lot of updates for them since our last meeting including the availability of the data for them to use in the pilot.

We're looking at a 6-month pilot to run the rest of the year and for everyone to learn how to roll these check ins out quickly and methodically so we can get every safe and in healthy housing.

We need to raise $30,000 to pay to get the word out using data, home test kits, initially, then scientific tests with something called a XRF scanner.

Once we get the numbers of people who need some sort of lead remediation we can move to the step of funding remediation and then fixing things.

Please sponsor D4 in this project so we can move faster and gain traction with more resources.