CrowdLead Call to Action: Nalleli Albarran-Cruz, Fruitvale Village Unity Council Tests Negative for Lead

Nalelli Albarran-Cruz demonstrates using a 3M Instant Lead Test in her office at the Unity Council Senior Center in Fruitvale Village, Oakland, CA.

This is an example of a Negative test result.  The Unity Council buildings are all fairly new so the paint should all be new and safe, but it doesn't hurt to test a room to become familiar with the test so you can show your friends and family how to do it so they can learn if they have lead poisoning in the places where they spend time.

Thank you Nalleli! See you this Saturday at 10am for our first Vision Architecture/SmartOakland Meetup held in the Fruitvale Village c/o the Unity Council where we'll explain and demonstrate to our plans and answers to help end lead poisoning in Fruitvale and Oakland overall.

Stephanie Hayden