Need a Way to Tell Your Story? Consider a Victim Impact Letter

Alameda County_Victim Impact Letter_Example.jpg

As I'm putting this site together and remembering what I have seen work over the years I remembered a process that I know helped a lot of people after we experienced a crime that had immediate, massive, impact to hundreds of friends and family members.

To be clear, I am not saying that if you find lead poisoning in your home, or if your child tests positive for lead poisoning that in fact a crime has been committed, but I do know that for the 100 or so friends, family members, and business owners who wrote Victim Impact Letters in our case, which was a felony because it included death gross bodily harm, that so many people felt empowered by writing down their experience and sharing it so their voices would not be drown out by time and bureaucracy.

Alameda County Victims Witness Statement second page.png

Again, this resource is dedicated to victims of crime where the Alameda District Attorneys will be prosecuting someone for wrong doing. 

If you write a letter, do not send it to the Alameda County DA's Office unless you have an actual case going with them already.

What we would like to see happen is that people use this format to describe their experience with lead poisoning, for their own well being, but hopefully also for us to post here on so that others may hear your story and you will not go unheard in our effort to bring resolution to people negatively impacted by this poison.


Stephanie Hayden