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Where did you find a pink or red lead test result? Mark all that apply. *
Do you have children under 6 years old living in your home? *
If you have children under 6 spending any time your home we advise you get them tested for lead poisoning. Please see instruction on the home page of to find a place to get them tested.
If you'd like us to post the name and address of the organization submitting positive or negative lead test results, enter the name here.
Are you a tenant, landlord, or property owner? *
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We will not post your name or exact street address unless you ask us to.
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Do you need legal assistance?
For instance, you may want to talk with a Tenants Rights lawyer, an immigration attorney, a data privacy lawyer, or a lead poisoning plaintiff attorney.
Do you want SmartOakland to come do a scientific lead detection scan of your location? *
The XRF scanner is scientific device used to capture electronic proof of the concentration level of lead poisoning in your location. This electronic data will become yours and it can be used as evidence in legal cases that are sometimes required to compel responsible parties to abate lead from a location.
Do you need help to abate lead from your location? *
Date you tested for lead
Date you tested for lead
If your location, or your child, tested positive for lead poisoning, are you willing to write a Victim's Witness Letter we can post here on to share your story? *
Are you willing to be interviewed and recorded on video for the documentary "Oaklead"? *
Alex J. Bledsoe is making a documentary about the legacy of lead poisoning in Oakland, CA. Visit for more information.
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Write us here to submit your results on paper, or to request a test kit be sent to you.

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