CROWD LEAD- Crowdsourcing lead paint poison locations

Crowd Lead a 100% voluntary, non-scientific, initiative to capture data about lead poisoning captured by individuals who will perform a home lead test and share their findings with SmartOakland so we can drop a dot on a public-facing data dashboard to show where lead poisoning currently exists, and does not exist, in Oakland, CA.  The purpose is to quickly empower people to learn of the risk of lead poisoning in places where they live, where they grow food, go to school, go to work, run their businesses, and go to church so we can protect ourselves and to bring this issue to the surface where it will not go away or be dropped after brief news cycles.

Get a Lead Test

3M home lead test kit.png

Get an Instant Lead Test Kit for about $5 per test swab

  1. Buy your own for about $5 each
  2. Request a no fee kit by mail (provided by donors)

Do the Test & Send Results to SmartOakland

Do the Test and Send Your Results to SmartOakland

  • Do the test at home or somewhere you spend time
  • Submit your results online here:
  • Send results in the mail to:
    • SmartOakland
      655 3rd Street #77
      Oakland, CA 94607

If your test is positive for lead get your children's blood tested for lead poisoning

It can be scary to get a red, positive, lead poisoning test

  • Keep your family away from the area
  • Put the red test results in the baggie provided & write the date and location where you did the test, like, "Kitchen Window"
  • Write your name, contact, and address on the form in the envelope with additional comments about your situation so we can determine how to get help if you need it
  • Put the baggie and test results in the self addressed, stamped envelope, and mail it back to SmartOakland
3M Instant Lead Test Why and Where to Test.png

Why and Where to Test

see all test results on a map

Tableau trash dashboards 2016.png

CROWD LEAD Public-facing Lead Data Dashboard

As we receive your voluntarily captured data online and by mail we'll put your dot on a simple map.  It will look something like this cool State of the Trash in the Bay Map by Mark Rose we found online.

Check back regularly as we'll start updating and making the map available on the home page of in the next 1-2 weeks - estimated date: November 18, 2017