SmartOakland Larry Brooks Notes Port of Oakland Impact on Asthma and Michael Ford Asks How Public Data Utility Helps $100 Go Further for ACHHD Services

Larry Brooks, Director Alameda County Healthy Homes Lead Poisoning Prevention Program and Blair Matsuura discuss the impact of trucks and diesel on the West Oakland community and Michael Ford explains that the Port of Oakland understands the damage that has been done and they have robust environmental programs and initiatives underway and we should reach out to them to ask them to share their plans for remediation at an upcoming SmartOakland Meetup at Civic Design Lab.

Michael also asks Larry what the economic impact will be for Larry's ACHHD programs when he has a fully functioning Public Data Utility in place to help his spend of $100 do more for his services.

Larry explains that ACHHD spends a lot of time and money searching for and identifying locations that may be eligible for federal lead abatement assistance, contacting them, and then going through a process to confirm they are qualified to receive the funds.  He says that his work with Stephanie has shown that data can help get to these answers much faster and make his budget go farther in delivering lead poisoning prevention services to Alameda County.