Michael Ford, Mai-Ling Garcia and Stephanie Hayden Discuss Engaging the Community for Data Hunting and Gathering Along w/ Mayor Agenda for Open Data

Michael Ford thanks Mai-Ling Garcia for her work as the Online Engagement Manager for the City of Oakland and for helping to bring the Civic Design Lab together so work like our can start coming into service for Oaklanders.  We talked about a few approaches for engaging Community Leaders and Stephanie refers to Jumoke Hinton Hodge, VP of Oakland Unified School District School Board, who has showed interest in working together on the lead issues facing so many Oakland school communities.

Director Hinton Hodge has requested that while we figure out how to address and combat the issue of lead in school tap water, and lead in homes, that we also look into aspects that negatively impact West Oakland community member health like pollution from trucks driving through from the Port of Oakland and the impact of institutionalized racism.

Mai-Ling suggests we might look at what Next Door is doing for nominating or people volunteering to be the informal Community Contact or Lead in identifying issues or topics to discuss and that the Mayor has an Open Data policy we might look into to see how we can surface more critical, high value data, for Oaklanders together as a new collective of data contributors.