Jonah Johnson Describes SmartOakland Public Data Utility for Correlations Between Poverty and Asthma

Jonah Johnson uses a helicopter analogy to walk viewers through a zoom out view of Oakland to explain how to look at the data we've gathered and how to begin to see patterns that help us see systems and larger issues to address.

Here, he explains Census Tract data and how you can learn a lot about what people are being exposed to when they go home every day.

This demo looks at the correlation between poverty and asthma.  The difference between the orange and blue areas are levels of poverty.  Blue is not afflicted by poverty and orange is some level of poverty.

Jonah's follow on videos talk about Census Block, neighborhood, and down to the home level. Once we get to the home level we can start identifying people who are at a very high risk of exposure to various environmental issues.

The home level is where we can now go and find where at risk children currently live in lead poisoned housing units so we can connect health and other qualified service providers with their parents and care givers to intervene and get them to safety before they become lead poisoned in that unit.

Stay tuned for more dashboards that show features that will be available to tenants and landlords in the very near future.