SmartOakland joins National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) Global City Teams Challenge Transportation SuperCluster

SmartOakland's Co-founder, Stephanie Hayden, joined colleagues and peers in Washington D.C. last week for the Global City Teams Challenge conference, presented by NIST the National Institute of Standards and Technology, where city leaders, industry experts, and consultants from around the world convened to co-create scalable global standards to increase creation, funding, and implementation of Smart City programs around the world.

Stephanie was invited and joined multiple Smart City SuperClusters to share her 20 years experience in public and private sector initiatives working on intelligence systems and Smart City programs and will be representing, Vision Architecture, and Metropolitan Intelligence in the following areas of focus:

  1. GCTC Transportation SuperCluster - Member Role
    • the new Oakland, CA Action Cluster - Leadership Role
  2. GCTC Data Platforms/Governance and Cybersecurity/Privacy SuperCluster - Membership Role
  3. GCTC Education SuperCluster - Leadership Role

Follow for upcoming events and calls for constituent input on the Oakland Digital Transformation Playbook.