SmartOakland Meets with California Public Interest Research Group (CalPIRG) to Discuss Lead-Poisoned Water in Oakland Public Schools

CalPIRG reached out to us last week after the CalMatters article came out on Sept. 19, 2017, about our work on lead poisoning in Oakland.  We met to hear what they're working on in their mission to address lead poisoning in the water in the public schools here in Oakland.

So far, we've focused on lead in paint in Oakland as that is the what is causing the highest numbers of lead poisoning show up in kids in historic data sets, to date.

We understand lead has been found in the McClymonds neighborhood public school water as recently as August 2017.   The MyClymonds is over by the Target and box stores on the border of Emeryville. 

Our goal is to stop lead from getting into Oaklanders, so however we can help existing efforts to stop lead getting into Oakland kids using technology to scan element sources and pull that data into live data dashboards, we're happy to help.

Watch for more coming soon on this topic.