SmartOakland and Alameda County Healthy Homes Lead Prevention Program Meet & Join Forces to Address Lead Poisoning in Oakland

We just met with Larry Brooks, Director, Alameda County Healthy Homes Dept/Lead Poisoning Prevention Program, and Dale Hagen, Housing Services Manager at Alameda County, to learn more about the Alameda County Healthy Homes and Lead Prevention Program.

We met, via introductions through the City of Oakland Housing Department, to discover how we can share resources and expertise to get our lead poisoning solution into the community and connected to support services and sustainable revenue generating systems to ensure its growth and expansion into all 145 micro-communities.

It was an excellent, informative, in-depth, eye-opening look into what public service organizations need to do to get things moving to deploy solutions in huge challenges like lead poisoning.  It's no wonder there is no single answer at this point.

We believe we're onto the core answers and are continuing to move quickly and bring you more incremental, real-time, information about what we're accomplishing and where you can see us and join our work to bring critical, sustainable, services to Oaklanders.

We're sharing contacts, and existing work to start putting new Meetups together so watch for updates and join us at upcoming meetups at Oakland City Hall and in the Fruitvale neighborhood of Oakland in the next month or two.

Thank you Larry & Dale!