SmartOakland is Crowdfunding Live Lead Location Data Dashboards to Assess the Situation

Some corporations spend $86,000 on corporate business meetings.  Politicians spend that much on campaign events. Health care researchers and housing agencies can spend that much searching for ways to apply public grants to find at-risk for lead poisoning youth and their families to try to warn them or get them out of lead-poisoned housing.

We'd like to spend $86,000 to use XRay Vision, the Internet of Things, and data visualizations to figure what's exactly is going on right now with the lead poisoning situation in Fruitvale, and all Oakland micro-communities, so we can stop poisoning our constituents.

1 scan = 1 life

It costs $215 per child to protect a them from becoming lead-poisoned.

$215 is not much to pay to protect 1 child from serious losses and quality-of-life issues equaling at the very least, $42,542, in costs to public services, education, healthcare, and lost wages over their life time.

Our Get the Lead Out live lead location data assessment dashboard pilot will cost $86,000 for the total engagement of phase 1 for 100 homes and families.

1. Individuals can help by making a financial contribution today and by sharing our link on social media:

2. Local Businesses can help by making a financial contribution online today here:, promoting our campaign on their social media, and by holding fundraisers where SmartOakland receives 10-20% of the proceeds for the day

3. Corporations can help by sponsoring our campaign entirely, buying XRF lead scanners for our teams, matching our donations, promoting our campaign on social media:, providing media and press coverage, and by volunteering teams to help with crowd-scanning data capture events in November and December