Vision Architecture & SmartOakland Discuss Situational Intelligence for Public Safety in Oakland

Situational Intelligence: The ‘Now’ Model for Utility Data Analytics  How startups Bit Stew and Space-Time Insight are breaking open data silos within utilities

Situational Intelligence: The ‘Now’ Model for Utility Data Analytics

How startups Bit Stew and Space-Time Insight are breaking open data silos within utilities

September 16, 2017

Season 2: Episode 9

"Situational Intelligence, XRAY VISION for invisible threats, The Array of Things, Public Safety created by Volunteer Constituents & Revolutionary Navigation"

Keys: Live Data Insight, Real-time Intelligence, GPS, Safety, Navigation, IoT, Life & Death Intervention

Facilitator & Panelists:

+ Stephanie Hayden, CEO Vision Architecture, Inc.
+ Michael Ford, City of Oakland Public Works & Dept. Transportation
+ Ramy Kim, SmartOakland

Join us to learn about leading technologies and strategies being put in place internationally, and locally, to capture and use live data to deliver real-time decision options for people to avoid threats and find opportunities wherever they go.

Our Topics will include:

+ Constituents co-designing Public Safety systems for their own cities

What if all constituents had industrial grade data insight in their communities for daily resilience?  We'll use an example provided by companies like Space Time and Bit Stew focused on utility insight and apply it to the question of daily insight requirements for Oaklanders.

+ The Array of Things, sensors, and complex data capture
+ Learning what the data means for Public Safety
+ Using Internet of Things to connect and integrate legacy infrastructure with modern user experiences
+ When situational intelligence is available individual navigation choices change


Here's a peek into SmartOakland's 100% volunteer collective and collaboration with Vision Architecture to create Public Safety services for Oakland:


Saving Lives with XRAY VISION to Get The Lead Out

SmartOakland and Vision Architecture have created the first-of-its-kind Smart City solution to end lead poisoning with XRAY VISION and the Internet of Things

Get the Lead Out (GTLO) makes INVISIBLE lead poisoning locations VISIBLE to people, in real-time, inside and outside their homes so they can avoid being poisoned!

GTLO captures and instantly correlates lead poisoning exposure data with spatio-temporal data to visualize an individual or community's real-time threat context so they can see immediate options, instructions, and services to protect themselves and their families from poisoning in their own homes and gardens.

Once GTLO receives lead data it immediately routes and notifies impacted parties so connections to services can be made and interim controls can be put in place to keep families safe in their homes until formal abatement services are available.

GTLO data dashboards visualize live location data on secure websites (for now, next is wearables) for families, health care workers, attorneys, landlords, city building and permitting departments, elected officials, and property inspectors so everyone is aware of the exact location and scale of the threat.

SmartOakland is a 100% volunteer, pro-bono, consulting services and software design effort so far. We tacked and brought the solution to light now we need money fromprivate, public, and non-profit sectors to build and deploy this life saving tech for at-risk Oaklanders today.

** Please Note we need funding

SmartOakland volunteer staff do not intend to remain volunteers but someone had to get this solution going.

We're doing all we can to end lead poisoning because it's not that hard to fix and it's the right thing to do. 

Won't you join us?


Here's the funding campaign where you can contribute money and share our needs with your networks:

** Design Help

Heads up, we've worked with zero budget so far so our website, YouTube explainer video with no sound (, storytelling, and marketing efforts need serious professionals to help make this part work! 

We are not UX design, marketing, or social media experts so anyone who can contribute to our web design, marketing, and engagement strategies to help our shared intention, purpose, and needs be known - please step up and let us hear from you.


Using live data is the only way to truly begin the end of poisoning people in their homes.

First you have to find it, then you can get it out.

We're looking for corporate funding sponsors to help us do this right now.

Contact us today to contribute money to get us deployed!


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Stephanie Hayden, Co-founder, SmartOakland 
CEO, Vision Architecture 

Ramy Kim, MA, MPH Interim Executive Director & Community Field Team Lead, SmartOakland 



Stephanie Hayden