Visualizing Lead in Kids Tap Water While at Oakland Schools - the Clock is Ticking

SmartOakland has joined the Get the Lead Out (GTLO) Coalition to help our vision and mission to end lead poisoning in Oakland by bringing technology and data to the challenge.

Our coalition of volunteer data scientists is growing and we'll be posting many more data visualizations to help parents, families, businesses, the media, city officials, kids, and non-profits figure out how to work together to fix this emergency situation and not let time pass as our constituents are continuously exposed to lead poisoning.

Check out the evolution of our first super simple maps posted last week, Dec. 3, using Google Maps, batchgeo, and pdf data posted by OUSD showing which schools had been tested for lead in the tap water.

SmartOakland member, Jonah Johnson, worked with us to find zip code level data to also show how old the houses in the neighborhoods are around where these schools are located. Did you know the status of the schools near your home?

click to zoom in for more detail, but these maps are not live yet so they will not be interactive until after Dec. 16, 2017 where we introduce many new maps and crowdsourcing activities during SmartOakland's December Meetup at Fruitvale Station's Unity Council Senior Center - 3301 East 12th @ 34th Street on the second floor, 10am-12pm PT

Make sure you stay up to date with lead poisoning data developments and join our Get the Lead Out Coalition to help us capture more data for these maps so you can keep yourself and your families safe.