Get the Lead Out Using Data to Find Lead in Paint

SmartOakland is joining the Get the Lead Out Coalition (GTLO) to help Oaklanders and everyone concerned about lead poisoning in their homes, gardens, and shared spaces to capture and see more data that shows us where invisible lead poisoning is located.

This is a crowd source initiative for groups of people to do home lead tests where they live and submit their findings to us online so we can put their test results on a map everyone can see.

We will NOT post your name or exact address, but put a dot in the location where you are without providing the ability to zoom in to your exact location.

click map to see a full page description and additional maps for this project kickoff

click map to see a full page description and additional maps for this project kickoff

Here's how it works:

  1. Get a 3M Instant Results Lead Test and do the test in your home or office
  2. Go to SmartOakland's Lead Paint test results form and tell us what you found
  3. We put your dot on this map
  4. Everyone can share these dots, and their status, with colleagues, media, press, Council Members, city leaders, landlords - whomever you like
  5. The dot will remain at the status you choose until you notify us of its change
  6. The status options are:
  • RED - Positive in at least one 3M lead check swab test location
  • GREEN - Negative in at least one 3M lead check swab test location
  • YELLOW - You did NOT conduct a 3M lead check test, but you can see peeling paint from the street and you recommend we reach out to this resident/landlord to alert them they may have a lead paint problem for which assistance is available.


You can choose the EYES ON mode for crowd sourcing which means you can actually see peeling paint on a building from the street.

  1. You can perform EYES ON scanning by physically walking your own neighborhood and jotting down street addresses so you can submit them to us online, or,
  2. You can use Google Maps Street View and "walk your neighborhood" from your couch, plane, office, school, public library, community center or anywhere you can access the Internet and Google Maps. Find instructions for Virtual EYES ON here.
  3. Join us at our monthly SmartOakland Meetups, the 3rd Saturday of every month 10am-12pm PT, either in person at an Oakland meeting location, or online from your home, to spend a couple hours volunteering to scan each Oakland neighborhood until all buildings are accounted for so we can finally bring an end to lead poisoning as a coalition of community members.

Keep in mind, Google Map cars and satellites have been scanning the world for quite a while now and they do a really good job at taking pictures of every building.  So, odds are, there are pictures of your building available online right now. If you were not aware of this, go to google maps and search your street address and city to see what comes up right now: