Using Data to End Oakland's Lead Poisoning Crisis - What do we know about the recent past?

This is a map created by the Community Assessment, Planning, and Evaluation (CAPE) of Alameda County

It's called a Cumulative Risk map to present the combined impact of risk present in various communities and zip codes throughout Oakland.

When we think about the reasons why people in some zip codes die earlier than people in the zip codes right next to them, we have to ask what people are being exposed to that is that different in each location.

This map shows risk variables like population density, poverty, education attainment, race, age of housing stock, and overall average of the age of the people in that neighborhood.

This data was compiled using data between 2006-2010 so we are looking for information that can help us update this map with data from 2017 that includes which houses contain lead poisoning.

Stephanie Hayden