SmartOakland Begins Monthly Get the Lead Out Meetups at Fruitvale Village Unity Council

After almost two years of Vision Architecture holding monthly Smart City Meetups at Oakland City Hall, c/o, SmartOakland's Co-founder and Program Manager for City of Oakland's Department of Transportation, our Vision Architecture Meetups have expanded to begin covering the solutions we're designing to end lead poisoning in Oakland.

This is exciting for us because our goals have always been to start moving from envisioning what the future could hold for Oakland to create real, high-value, funded projects throughout the city in support of the constituency.

November 18, 2017 will be the first month we will not be holding our Smart City Meetup at Oakland City Hall, and instead, we'll be focusing on SmartOakland's work to Get the Lead Out of Oakland neighborhoods starting with identifying lead poison locations using crowdsourcing, then following up with location representatives with our Get the Lead Out technology platform to bring these poison issues to a close.

This month we're happy to be hosting our Meetup at Fruitvale Village and the Unity Council's Senior Center which is right next to the Fruitvale BART Station.

Learn more about this Get the Lead Out Coalition meeting in our event section here.