People United for a Better Life in Oakland (PUEBLO) Already Started this Fight to End Lead Poisoning in 1987 - It's been 30 years - let's end this now!

Larry Brooks and Dale Hagen of Alameda County Lead Prevention Program (ACLPPP) provided a lot of great information for us to get deeper into understanding the history of the program and where it started.

History cannot keep repeating itself.

It began with Oaklanders who demanded safe homes in their communities back in 1987 and fought hard enough to create an actual department in the County of Alameda to bring an end to lead poisoning in their neighborhoods.

How is it 30 years later and the fight has not been won and while funds and an agency are involved in their own ways, we do not have intra-agency program management that shares the benefit of real-time health risks with live lead concentration levels in context of the humans it's impacting.

That is, not until now.

We are bringing all the expertise we have to the table and invite you to JOIN US!

Please contribute whatever you can right now to help offset the costs we're already running to bring solutions to Fruitvale and all of our Oakland communities before the end of 2017. 

Visit: and please share this with your friends, business owners, and corporate leaders to ask them to pitch in too. It takes a village.