Get the Lead Out Application for Tenants Healthy Housing Case Management

Metropolitan Intelligence flagship Smart City solution, called "Get the Lead Out", offers Tenant Housing Case Management tools so they can see all of their critical data in their own private, secure, data network that allows them to manage information about the risk of lead poisoning inside their homes, connect data from their health care providers like blood lead test results, and health checkups, and ultimately helps them manage the projects associated with their landlords bringing their unit into code compliance to meet federal, state, and local mandates to maintain healthy housing.

This screenshot shows this mother's, "Maria", view of her apartment floor plan with heat maps showing red for rooms where it lead concentration levels are too high for people to be in that room, to yellow for high risk rooms, and green for rooms where it is relatively safe for people to spend time. The purpose of the map is to remind all unit tenants, including children, where to and not to go while waiting for abatement services to arrive and control the lead poisoning threat.


We are working to find the most cost efficient pricing to ensure this service is as close to no-fee as possible for all tenants within Oakland, CA.

  • People who can pay for monitoring services will be gain access for $10 per month.
  • People who qualify for Medicaid or PGE's reduced rate services will pay $5 per year for the first year, then $5 per month from the second year on.

Contact Stephanie Hayden to discuss offering "GTLO Tenants" to your residents.
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