City of Oakland Healthy Housing Inspection Policy Workshop

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This event was held Oct. 5 & 9, 2017 and promoted by Resilient Oakland’s Civic Design Lab


The City of Oakland would like to extend an invitation to one of two upcoming policy-focused community workshops on a potential Healthy Housing Inspection program. These workshops are the second in a series of workshops the City is conducting to receive feedback and direction from the community regarding a potential program design and program mission and purpose.

Healthy Housing Inspections, also known as proactive rental inspections (PRI), supplement existing complaint-based inspection processes. PRI programs are designed to be limited in scope and inspect the interior and exteriors of all rental units. PRI programs aim to ensure housing habitability in the housing stock, and in Oakland we are also focused on addressing issues of childhood blood lead level and asthma rates. Often Inspectors are paired with Community Health Workers, or promotoras, to provide additional onsite services. Inspectors would perform an initial baseline assessment and refer potential violations for more thorough follow-up. Inspectors are trained to provide a broader set of services including:

● Being able to perform basic housing habitability inspections;

● Being able to perform basic fire & life safety inspections;

● Being trained in identifying lead and mold hazards;

● Being trained in community health methods and trauma-informed care practices.

Community Workshop Dates & Locations

10/5, Thursday, 9:30am-12:00pm

Location: City Hall, One Frank Ogawa Plaza

Room: 9th Floor

10/9, Monday, 6:00pm – 8:30pm

Location: Think College Now

Room: TBC

Workshops will be led by Alexandra Lee from Resilient Oakland’s Civic Design Lab. She will be sharing the findings from previous community workshops and outreach efforts. The workshop will include specific activities to walk attendees through various policy design options for a healthy housing inspection program based upon this feedback and statewide best practices. Your attendance and participation will develop a strong foundation for creating a robust framework for healthy housing in Oakland, and to continue working together on addressing some of our residents’ key concerns and challenges on housing.

We will provide food and light refreshments at the start of the workshop.

Should you have any questions, please contact Ethan Guy, Acting Chief Resilience Officer, directly by phone (510.238.6454) or email ( 

Stephanie Hayden