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we're a constituent-led, Smart CiTY, Non-Profit delivering a GPS-enabled healthy Homes Environmental Awareness system

When You Donate Contributions You Help Us Create More GPS Maps and Keep Subscription Costs Low So More Oaklanders Can Avoid More Negative Health & Life Outcomes

Join us to use our Healthy Homes Environmental Awareness GPS Maps to see where to find invisible lead poisoning to test for it in your homes, soil, dust, air & children


see how Metropolitan Intelligence, SmartOakland, and a growing network of Bay Area leaders are coming together to combat lead poisoning


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Here are some of the negative health outcomes that occur when people of all ages are exposed to lead poison at some point in their lifetime:

Aggression, anemia, Alzheimer's Disease, Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, brain damage, cancer, Dementia, hearing impairment, heart attacks, high blood pressure, infertility, IQ loss, kidney failure, low educational attainment, personality disorders, premature death, special education requirements, speech impairments, and violent criminal behavior.

Get your kids’ blood tested for lead poisoning!


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did you know all kids living in Oakland are at risk for lead poisoning?
please share your story about whether you knew and what happened : it will us help get the lead out


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